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Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Training

The successful management of physical assets requires more than technical skills.  Pressures to reduce the cost of ownership demand more precisely focussed asset management and failure management strategies.

In a global competitive environment where inadequate maintenance or flawed operating procedures can cost lives or increased maintenance costs, managers (at all levels) have to adopt new ways to maintain asset availability and safety.  Acquiring the optimal approach using trial and error is no longer acceptable; trial takes too long and error is simply too expensive.

RCM can be used to create a cost effective maintenance strategy to address the causes of equipment failure. It is a systematic approach to defining a routine maintenance programme composed of suitable cost effective tasks that preserve user defined functions based on the asset's operating context.

It is essential that all personnel involved within an RCM derived maintenance operating regime have an understanding of the process.  The RCM approach challenges traditional concepts and changes how managers and maintainers think about maintenance. Training fulfils this requirement.

Our trainers use their extensive knowledge and practical experience to present four levels of RCM training:

Our courses can be tailored to your requirements and delivered at suitable premises within your workplace.

CourseSynopsisWho should attend

RCM 1 DayManaging Reliability Centred Maintenance

The objective of this workshop is to provide an understanding of the principles used to produce RCM maintenance tasks.

Participants will gain an understanding of the benefits of RCM, how it influences their business and how this systematic approach can increase availability whilst reducing costs.

This course can be tailored to deliver a targeted learning experience in a half day. Please discuss your requirements with us.

Senior and middle managers, strategic policy makers and planners.

RCM 2 DayIntroduction To Reliability Centred Maintenance

This course provides an introduction to the principles of RCM. It is an excellent workshop for anyone who wishes to understand how RCM produces a safe and defensible maintenance strategy.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • What drives the requirements to challenge traditional maintenance
  • How RCM meets safety and environmental goals whilst increasing operational performance and saving operating costs
  • Producing a functionally-based Failure Modes Effects Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Producing a maintenance solution to manage the consequence of failure

All personnel involved in maintaining, planning or the management of physical assets. Technical experts who are to be involved with an RCM analysis.

Normally a prerequisite for anyone who plans to attend the Fundamentals and/or Advanced courses.

RCM 5 DayFundamentals of Reliability Centred Maintenance

The course develops the learning from the 2 Day course with a more in depth look at the RCM process and its practical application by the use of a formal case study. The role of software for information/data capture is practised and the basic requirements for project management, including the importance of process and technical audits in new acquisition projects, is discussed.

Projects seeking to develop an intelligent provider/customer capability and require a fuller understanding of the process and how it integrates with other support activities.

RCM 10 DayAdvanced Reliability Centred Maintenance

This course gives delegates the opportunity to develop and practice the Facilitor skill sets necessary to undertake a maintenance analysis. Delegates are mentored utilising a formal case study, followed by an in-house maintenance analysis of a selected item of equipment and a presentation of the findings to senior management.

The requirements for the development of task instructions are also discussed.

This course is normally presented as an alternative to the 5 day course to more fully prepare delegates for working independently.

Any person who is required to Facilitate an RCM analysis, audit, change or influence the content of RCM studies.

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