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MaintenanceMaintenance is an investment, not a chore

Anecdotal evidence would suggest that, across UK industry as a whole, maintenance in all its aspects is a much maligned discipline to the extent that only about 60% of all maintenance specified is ever undertaken. If the statistic is applied solely to protective devices (those essential items that lie dormant until called upon to work by an extraordinary condition or event) then it appears to be somewhat higher. Alarmingly, there is no metric to determine whether the maintenance actually being done is effective.

What is concerning, if these figures are to be believed, is that someone is making a decision, whether consciously or not, not to undertake maintenance as required by existing instructions.

In Rmada's experience, this is due to one of two possible reasons. Either it is signing off maintenance as having been done when it has not (known as "pencil-whipping" in some industries) or a conscious assessment is being undertaken that the maintenance is not worth doing for some reason or another.

Whatever the reason, both workers and the public at large can be dangerously exposed to failure which is wholly manageable in most cases. Although it is true that some failures cannot be managed adequately such that the consequences of engineering failure can be avoided totally. These manifestations of failure are, fortunately, extremely rare in well defined and managed maintenance programmes.

It is not common knowledge in engineering circles, even in these enlightened times that proper analysis of the maintenance requirement can allow the overwhelming majority of failures to be managed cost-effectively. Commercial aviation has managed its maintenance successfully for more than two decades by assessing the consequences of probable failures and taking appropriate pre-emptive actions.

Rmada has unsurpassed experience in successfully applying commercial aircraft maintenance methods to industrial and defence assets, both fixed and mobile.

The benefits are manifold: cost-effective maintenance, auditability and defensibility of the decision making processes that provide a rationale for all maintenance activity are the obvious advantages.

Detailed maintenance decision making does not usually form part of an organisation's strategy for ensuring asset availability and the health and safety of its workforce: the potentially catastrophic effects of the inadequacy of such a fundamental activity surely warrants its inclusion.

Rmada can demonstrate what can be achieved by the methodical assessment of the maintenance requirement and the capabilities that the company has in this field.

This series of monographs describes some of the techniques and services our experienced team offers customers wishing to achieve cost-effective asset management solutions.

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