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We have assisted a global consultancy to deliver RCM training and analysis activities to a US-based railroad operator.The analyses included track, support infrastructure and swing bridges.  We also contributed to the RCM application strategy which included a methodology to identify those railroad systems where the application of RCM would realise the most benefits. 


The Maintenance Optimisation Support Tool (MOST) was introduced to the Type 26 Programme in 2011 in order to identify and mitigate the perceived shortfalls in maintenance capacity manifest in having a smaller Ship’s Staff than previous classes of Frigates and Destroyers.  MOST aims to give the user evidence to support the concept of lean manning by identifying the total planned maintenance capacity for the platform and then comparing it to the available manpower.


Over the last 10 years Rmada has delivered more than 100 RCM training courses across the Military and Civilian sector and is proud to announce it has recently been awarded the contract to deliver RCM training to the Royal Navy for the next 4 years.

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